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    Io resto convinto che, per cercare di correre dietro a quello che non c'è più, abbiano preso una direzione totalmente errata. Faccio un esempio idiota; se tutte le moto si settano con l'anteriore caricato e puntate in avanti, lui con una configurazione così arrivava 8° o 10°, di più non riusciva a dare. Ha cercato una cosa assurda del tipo "proviamo il contrario, con la moto puntata tutta dietro, magari così miglioriamo". Nella prima gara era 4° in griglia ed ha fatto poi una gara decorosa. Da Qatar 2 in poi il tracollo. Ci dovrebbe essere in squadra uno come Forcada, la moto è questa, i settaggi sono questi, vai! Ho sentito un intervento di Suppo e faceva notare che, 9 mesi fa, sulla stessa pista, Rossi andava a podio. Ok, l'età è un problema, ma non è che lo scorso anno aveva 35 anni e quest'anno 42, sono passati solo 9 mesi, non può un pilota rincretinirsi in così poco tempo, solo per colpa dell'età.
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    Tutti. Ad esempio io mando a fanculo @Alex_Ferrari
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    Chiedo umilmente scusa! Allora saluto ufficialmente te, @Beyond
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    https://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/formel-1/mattia-binotto-ferrari-interview-2021/ Intervista di Binny da parte di Amus. Posto la traduzione in inglese: Ferrari is fighting for third place again. Did that surprise you or did you expect this increase? Binotto: It was what I was hoping for. Whether it is more or less than expected is a pointless answer. It is important to me that we can rely on our data again. The correlation to the racetrack is correct again. We worked through our weak points from the previous year well: the high air resistance of the car, the engine power, the aerodynamic stability, the downforce in general. That's why I'm happy. We are on schedule for the start of the season. In Bahrain the gap to pole position was seven, in Imola three and in Portimao again seven tenths. Is the truth in the middle? Binotto: Max Verstappen had a mistake on his fastest lap in Imola. With a perfect lap, the gap would have been greater. Then it also depends on the characteristics and the length of the route. I think half a second behind pole position is a good average. The midfield appears to have fallen into two groups, with Ferrari in the first. Do you think these two groups are still intermingling? Binotto:I don't think there are two groups. The gaps are so small that a different track layout, a small mistake, a driver who doesn't get the ideal lap can cost you as many positions as possible. I expect close fights with everyone in this group. After only three out of 23 races, it is too early to say whether there is a particular pecking order. In Portimao, for example, we weren't able to capitalize on our good lap times in practice during the race. We had problems with the medium tires. We still have to analyze the reasons. Barcelona could give us a clearer picture. It is the first normal route on the calendar and traditionally a circuit on which you can see the strengths and weaknesses of the individual cars. After that, it is possible to determine where you are. It's also the fourth race. xHow important is third place to Ferrari. Is it just a symbolic number, or is it more important to you that you've made a leap forward? Binotto: Third place is not our main goal. What is more important is that we prove that we can improve in all areas. Aerodynamics, chassis, engine, balance, pit stops. When I look at the first few races, we were among the best at the pit stops. Only two teams added up all pit stops, an average of less than three seconds. We are one of them. The mentality that every detail counts is back. We are able to recognize our weaknesses and remedy them. Nothing happens overnight, but we are on the right way back to the top Where do you still see weaknesses? Binotto: We are still missing a bit of engine power, although we have made very good progress there. Both in qualifying and in the race. That can make us vulnerable in a duel in a race. We have also made significant improvements in aerodynamics, but we are not yet at the level of the two top teams. Our hands were partly tied here because of the homologation. Most of the areas were locked. In which area was it the most difficult to make progress because of the restrictions? Binotto: With the engine. You have to find performance without damaging the stability. That’s two tasks at once. The development time takes more time than with the car. We reacted well in the short time it took. Do we still need an artificial equality of the engines at all if the development is frozen from 2022? Binotto: As of today, the difference between the individual engines is not big enough to require equality. There is good natural convergence within two tenths. There would be little point in asking for parity. But of course our goal is not to make it into a two-tenths window. We want to be the best. It will therefore take another great effort to take another step for 2022. We know we're not the best yet and that we still have opportunities to improve. WilhelmHow difficult is it to adapt the engines to the E10 fuel? It doesn't sound like a big task to outsiders. Binotto: It's a big job. Because it affects two parties. As an engine manufacturer, we have to change the combustion process. The fuel supplier must adapt their product. A new combustion process changes the forces on certain components within the engine, which has an impact on the design. But the fine tuning and all the parameters relating to combustion also have to be reassessed. In addition, the fuel manufacturers only have a single shot. Then the development is frozen for three years. The moment when the teams fully concentrate their chassis development on 2022 is approaching. Can Ferrari close the chapter in 2021 as early as its competitors, or can't you just give up the season out of an obligation to the Tifosi? Binotto: It's not a question of commitment to the Tifosi. We face the same task as everyone else. How much do we sacrifice for one program in favor of the other? The 2022 car is so new, so different, that we're making huge strides with every wind tunnel session. So there is a lot of room for development, but relatively little time. That is why the 2022 car must have priority. Most of our team is already working on this car. But that does not mean that there are no more development steps on the 2021 car. But there is no set plan for development. If something occurs to us, it will be done. The first four months under the budget cap are over. In which area do you see yourself most limited? Binotto: First of all: the cost cap in general has been the biggest challenge in recent years. It's a whole new discipline to get by on $ 145 million. A complete culture change. A large team like Ferrari with so many resources has to set priorities, be efficient everywhere, track down and name things that can be done without. It is also a huge amount of bureaucracy to report all of this to the FIA. We are currently developing software and tools to help us do this. We also need a system that allows us to precisely calculate what we spend where, what is worthwhile and what is not. It's a different world.Wilhelm Would a crash like that of Bottas in Imola also be a problem for Ferrari? Binotto: Not at this stage of the season because you have enough time to react with your budget planning. It gets tougher later in the season. Such an accident definitely costs money. And if you have to chase every dollar, it can make a difference in the end. You definitely have to make adjustments in your budget planning. Carlos Sainz is one of five drivers who have changed teams. Why do even experienced drivers find it so difficult to switch to another car today? Binotto: First of all, it has to be said that the drivers only had one and a half days of testing to get used to a new car and a new team. That is very little. Second, the current cars are very difficult to drive. As observers from the outside, we don't even notice that. The task is not just to drive around in circles. It's about the last one or two tenths. And that lies in how you best use the aerodynamics, the drive unit and the tires for yourself. These cars are real monsters. Each one has its own peculiarities. There are small but subtle differences in the coordination of the chassis, the power steering and the aero balance. It can be very different from one car to the other. Finding the limit everywhere makes it so difficult. Formula 1 wants to set the engine regulations for 2025 by the summer. Which parameters are important for Ferrari? Binotto:I would say that hopefully we can find a solution in the summer. First of all, most teams have to agree. The next is that the new drive units, depending on what they will look like, will also require a change in chassis rules. In 2025, the 2022 rules will only be three years old. The question is whether everyone will be ready for big changes. What is important to us as Ferrari? Everyone has already agreed on the basic pillars. The costs must be reduced. The goal is by 50 percent. We're still arguing about 50 percent of what. In any case, it will be a significant turning point. It must also contain a green element. Sustainable technologies are required here. Even better efficiency than today. This can only be achieved by expanding the electric drive and using climate-neutral fuel. It has to be technologies that are also of interest to automakers.
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    ah beh, perché erano le squadre di Lega Pro a rendere poco interessante la Coppa Italia, non il fatto che molto spesso i top club se ne sbattono del torneo e mandano in campo i pulcini...
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    Auguri @JLP amico mio.
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    Auguri @JLP e @ilmonaco
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    Ai miei tempi non c'era la guardia costiera che "salvava" gente e il capitano non raccontava storie sui social ma stava in cabina ad ascoltare rumorini...da niente.
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    Si, il problema è l'admin
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    Vero Seb e vera Ferrari.
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    Lo scorso anno doveva in un mondo parallelo più giusto doveva finire con Racing point a 0 punti e Mercedes a 0 punti....una per aver venduto l' auto della stagione precedente e l' altra per averla comprata e riverniciata ....na soprattutto per aver raccontato balle grandi come Giove con la misera favoletta delle foto ad alta definizione. E avrebbero dovuto licenziare e radiare un po' di gente in Fia per aver fatto passare questa cagata.
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    Guiderà la Racing Point dello scorso anno quindi? Comunque furbi a fargli fare il test al Paul Ricard, con quelle ampie vie di fuga
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    Oltre alle pressioni in pista, immaginatevi sto poveraccio che viene fermato da ogni persona che cammina nel paddock per sapere come sta il padre....
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