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2016.02 | Gran Premio del Bahrain - Sakhir [Prove Libere]

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EDIT: topic sbagliato.


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Mi pare che il regolamento dica bene quali interventi si possono fare in nome dell'affidabilità e quali no.

Jeremy ci potrebbe aiutare.



al contrario, il regolamento parla genericamente di interventi fatti per motivi di affidabilità


A manufacturer may apply to the FIA during the course of the homologation period to carry out modifications to their homologated power unit for the sole purposes of reliability, safety, cost-saving.

Applications must be made in writing to the FIA Technical Department and must provide all necessary supporting information including, where appropriate, clear evidence of failures. The FIA will circulate the correspondence to all manufacturers for comment. If the FIA is satisfied, in its absolute discretion, that these changes are acceptable, they will confirm to the manufacturer concerned that they may be carried out.


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