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WRC 2010

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questo thread sar? la mia casa del 2010 :hihi:

Sar? la casa del pianto :hihi:



Nella sua nuova squadra ha anche imparato a far finta di parlare con i tecnici





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Sar? la casa del pianto :hihi:



Nella sua nuova squadra ha anche imparato a far finta di parlare con i tecnici






:hihi: ma no dai, se arriver? fra i primi 10 sar? un successo. XD

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quest'anno il Rally di Montecarlo (nel calendario IRC) avr? la copertura in diretta da parte di Eurosport


Mercoled? 20 gennaio 2010


11:45-14:00 Giorno 1


SS1 Burzet ? Lachamp Raphael (27.50km)

SS2 St Pierreville ? Antraigues (46.00km)


14:45-16:00 Giorno 1


SS3 Burzet ? Lachamp Raphael (27.50km)


16:00-17:00 Giorno 1


SS4 St Pierreville ? Antraigues (46.00km)


Gioved? 21 gennaio 2010


10:00-11:45 Giorno 2


SS5 Labatie D?Andaure ? St Pierre sur Doux (25.30km)

SS6 St Bonnet ? St Bonnet (25.67km)


12:15-13:15 Giorno 2


SS7 Lamastre ? Gilhoc ? Alboussi?re (21.92km)


15:15-16:00 Giorno 2


SS8 Labatie D?Andaure ? St Pierre sur Doux (25.30km)


16:00-17:00 Giorno 2


SS8 Conclusione di SS8

SS9 St Bonnet ? St Bonnet (25.67km)


19:30-20:00 DIFF. Giorno 2


SS10 Lamastre ? Gilhoc ? Alboussi?re (21.92km)


23:45-00:15 REPL. Giorno 2


SS10 Lamastre ? Gilhoc ? Alboussi?re (21.92km)


Venerd? 22 gennaio 2010


19:00-20:45 Giorno 3


SS12 Peira Cava ? La Boll?ne V?subie (18.30km)

SS13 Lantosque ? Luc?ram (19.13km)


23:00-00:45 Giorno 3


SS14 Peira Cava ? La Boll?ne V?subie (18.30km)

SS15 Lantosque ? Luc?ram (19.13km)


Marted? 26 gennaio 2010


23:00-23:30 Riassunto dell?edizione 2010 del Rally di Monte Carlo

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non gli ? mica proibito? :hihi:


la Ford credo voglia essere sicura di vincere al debutto della Fiesta S2000

Ogier non ha mai corso il Monte

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Ogier non ha mai corso il Monte? Ha vinto l'edizione del 2009.


Quest'anno ? andata meglio, doppietta: primo Hirvonen, secondo H?nninen B)


Saranno le mie poche/uniche soddisfazioni di questa lunga stagione rallistica :hihi:



Grazie ad EUROSPORT per aver trasmesso in diretta tutto l'evento. Altamente spettacolari le SS notturne allah.gif



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FIA introduces new WRC points allocation


Motorsport's governing body, the FIA, has modified the championship points system used in the World Rally Championship, so that more finishers in a rally are awarded points.


Under the new system, which will come into force this week in Sweden, points will be allocated to the top 10 finishers (rather than the previous system's eight) according to the following scale:


1st: 25 points

2nd: 18 points

3rd: 15 points

4th: 12 points

5th: 10 points

6th: 8 points

7th: 6 points

8th: 4 points

9th: 2 points

10th: 1 point


The decision to adopt the system was taken on 9 February, after the FIA put the matter to a fax vote of competitors. It was also approved by the members of the World Motor Sport Council.


Even though more points are available under the new system, with 25 awarded for first place rather than 10, it would not have altered the 2009 drivers' championship classification had it been introduced last year.


Here's how the 2009 season would have looked with the 2010 system points shown in brackets.


1. Loeb 93 (229)

2. Hirvonen 92 (220)

3. Sordo 64 (151)

4. Latvala 41 (104)

5. P Solberg 35 (86)

6. H Solberg 33 (86)

7. Wilson 28 (76)

8. Ogier 24 (61)

9. Villagra 16 (44)

10. Rautenbach 9 (36)

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Rally Sweden on wrc.com


Rally Sweden, the opening round of the 2010 World Rally Championship, gets underway on 11 February and you can follow all of the action from this much anticipated event LIVE and FREE here on wrc.com.


Not only that, but we also have a selection of exclusive pre-season videos for you to watch - including tips from 2003 Champion Petter Solberg on how to keep a rally car under control on ice at 200kph.


As usual we'll be updating wrc.com LIVE throughout the event from our base in the heart of the Service Park. With live stage and split times, news stories, video clips and our live rally radio, we?ll stream as much of Rally Sweden to your computer as we possibly can - and all completely FREE of charge.


Here?s what we have for you this week:


EXCLUSIVE video clips from Rally Sweden

Head to the WRC TV section for a taster of what's coming up this week. Over the rally weekend we?ll be filling the Sweden section with dozens of clips. Whether you want on-board footage, daily news summaries, driver interviews or the best stage action, you?ll find it here.


Already posted are pre season interviews with Sebastien Loeb, Mikko Hirvonen and Kimi Raikkonen. As well as features on the WRC season launch in Paris, and the views of the Citroen Junior and Citroen Total team management.


Our video archive facility means you can find more videos clips from previous rallies. This link will take you our selection of 52 videos from the 2008 edition of Rally Sweden, including a potted review of the whole competition.


Rally information and itinerary

For general information on Rally Sweden the Rallies section is where you should head. The Sweden page includes links to the official website and the rally itinerary. Once the rally is 'live' (on Thursday afternoon) you'll be able to access stage times, entry lists and other live data from here.


You?ll find extra information and links in our rally countdown, Production Car World Rally Championship, Super 2000 World Rally Championship and entry list stories.


Stage times and maps

Follow the progress of EVERY competitor in Sweden using our live stage and split times service - accessed via the button on the left-hand side of the home page. The entry list, start list, itinerary and maps will be uploaded when the event?s timing system goes ?live? on Thursday. From then on, these pages are fed with data beamed direct from the stage ends and split points. With this service you?ll know stage times within seconds of the drivers themselves.


World Rally Radio

The wrc.com World Rally Radio team will be broadcasting from Sweden for the duration of the rally, bringing live reports and interviews from the stage ends and Service Park. 'On air' times are as follows and are local to Sweden, which is GMT +1 hour.


Thursday 11 February: 1945hrs

Friday 12 February: 0800hrs

Saturday 13 February: 0730hrs

Sunday 14 February: 0730hrs


Find out more about the forthcoming shows in presenter Becs Williams' preview.


To contact the World Rally Radio Team send an e-mail to radio@wrc.com


And don?t forget, if you miss any of the coverage you can listen again via the World Rally Radio podcasts.


News bulletins

During the rally we?ll post stories from the stages and Service Park direct to the home page and News section. The search box on the home page can help you find stories by key words. You can sort stories rally-by-rally in the latest news section, or by date order in the news archive.


WRC Facebook community

The World Rally Championship's official Facebook community has grown by more than 20,000 members since the 2009 Rally of Great Britain, taking the total to more than 95,000.


The WRC Facebook group is the place to head if you want to chat to other fans, debate the big issues of the day, share photos and watch more exclusive videos.


Find the group by following this link.



If you?re a Twitterer, then sign up to http://twitter.com/OfficialWRC to receive regular tweets of WRC news straight to your account.



Full-length highlights from every rally from the 2001 to 2008 seasons are available to view free of charge on our new YouTube Show. The World Rally Championship Show, contains all of the three, 25-minute end-of-day highlight programmes made for each rally during the period. That's 75-minutes of coverage per event.


If that's not enough, follow this link to browse the Official WRC Channel for hundreds more clips - many of which are exclusive to YouTube.



Television coverage of the World Rally Championship is shown around the globe with over 5,000 hours of programming aired per year. Follow this link for a list of the broadcasters showing the WRC this year.





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2.S. OGIER +2.0

3.M. HIRVONEN +2.1

4.S. LOEB +2.3

5.M. GR?NHOLM +2.6

6.J. LATVALA +2.6

7.M. WILSON +3.9

8.K. R?IKK?NEN +5.1

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On his first WRC stage with the Citroen Junior Team, Kimi Raikkonen set the eigth fastest time. "That was okay," he said. "A little bit cautious but I took it easy. It's okay, all you can do on these stages is lose it."

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