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Kimi Raikkonen nel WRC

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Vabb? ragazzi, ? ovvio che ? tutto da prendere con le molle. Servir? tempo per capire che cosa potr? combinare Raikkonen nei rally. Sinceramente ancora non ho capito cosa devo augurarmi: che faccia bene nel WRC o che faccia male cos? torna in F1? eheh...

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S? ma Kimi ha fatto un bel botto prima, era ovvio che non riuscisse a recuperare tutto il tempo perso. Non essere sempre cos?... finlandese! :hihi:

Non avevo mica bevuto, troppo.


Il discorso ? che non si pu? aspettare che faccia bene. Non ha esperienza per farlo, quindi questa stagione gli pu? servire solo per allenarsi, poi per sua fortuna avr? la miglior macchina per farlo.

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non è che uno arriva lì a prima vista e fa subito il primo tempo di gara e vince tutto.

il rally non è una pista asfaltata ma la cosa che bisogna imparare per prima è ascoltare e mettere in pratica e reagire alle indicazioni del navigatore affrontando terreni scoscesi e sconosciuti se non per i briefing. Kimi ha di fatto segnato ottimi tempi ecalcolando che è alla sua prima stagione ed alla prima uscita per prendere confidenza con la macchina, non è male per niente.

sarebbe errato pensare che il rally sia più facile della f1 e che per Kimi sia un ripiego.

come affermato da lui nell'intervista all'apertura ufficiale della stagione wrc, prima bisogna imparare e di gara in gara si migliora.

nemmeno i rallysti oggi affermati sono immuni da errori e in carriera prima o poi hanno cominciato anche loro. nessuno nasce imparato.


http://www.wrc.com/jsp/index.jsp?lnk=101&id=6789&desc=The 2010 World Rally Championship is GO!



e Kimi fa sul serio




WRC Rookies 1 - Kimi Raikkonen

There's a new Flying Finn in this year's World Rally Championship, in the shape of former F1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen.


Having decided to put his circuit career on hold for a while, Raikkonen will make his World Rally Car debut next week in Sweden, driving a C4 WRC for the Citroen Junior Rally Team, partnered by co-driver Kaj Lindstrom.


Ahead of him this year is a 12-round programme with the French manufacturer, and the chance to test his skills against the best rally drivers on the planet.


At the launch of the World Rally Championship in Paris on 2 February, Raikkonen talked EXCLUSIVELY to wrc.com about the challenge ahead.


What are your ambitions for the season ahead?

"First of all we have a lot to learn from the rallies, and that's not going to be an easy challenge. We did one rally last weekend [read more here] and it definitely helped us going to Sweden. We'll just take things from there. We need to do our best, learn as quickly as we can and hopefully get some good results."


Will you be disappointed if you don't get a podium this season?

"I don't know, because it's too early to say. Like I said, we need to learn a lot. Hopefully at some point we can be really fast. But at the moment I don't know what to expect."


What are you looking forward to most this season?

"I would say everything, because everything is new and completely different to Formula One. At this stage it's all exciting; it doesn't really matter where we go or what we do, it's a new thing."


What is it about driving a rally car that you find so appealing?

"For me the thrill of driving is all about the challenge. And in rallies there are so many variables - like different conditions, different roads and different surfaces - that there is a big challenge. When you go on a stage, things can change from corner to corner so much and it's just a great feeling to drive the car when it's like that. There are a lot of things you can learn. For instance, in a rally you might have to master three different types of conditions. In Formula One that's not the case."


How do you get faster in a WRC car?

"You need experience and a lot of practise and testing. It takes time but I guess more kilometres will the main key to improvement. Also I need to learn the notes and be able to listen very well. They're the main things."



How does the WRC compare to F1?

"It's a completely different world. The events themselves are different and the people are different. At this launch, with everyone together, there seems to be a more open and easy relationship between the teams and that's one of the very nice things about rally. There is also a sense that the sport is picking up. There have been maybe some difficult times but it looks like everything is turning better and in the next couple of years it should be even more popular that it is now. It's quite strong."


Are you serious about rally?

"Yes. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't serious. Anytime I start something new I want to learn, and try to do the best I can. It's something that's going to be a big challenge and I'm looking forward to it."


Are you looking forward to any rallies in particular?

"In this car everything is new this year. Finland is the only one I know a little bit, so in that way that should be the easiest one, but what I learned there last year is that it's a tricky place. Asphalt rallies will also be nice; I'm looking forward to seeing how the car handles."


What about a return to F1? At what point in the year are you going to have to make that choice about what you do in 2011? "I have set no deadlines on myself. Let's see how things are going. I really enjoy it here now, and if it's like this then maybe I stay or maybe I try something else. I have no plans, no deadlines yet. Let's see what happens."

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Non avevo mica bevuto, troppo.


Il discorso ? che non si pu? aspettare che faccia bene. Non ha esperienza per farlo, quindi questa stagione gli pu? servire solo per allenarsi, poi per sua fortuna avr? la miglior macchina per farlo.

Pi? che altro non ci si pu? aspettare che lotti alla pari con gente che ? ai vertici del WRC da anni ed anni. Se ci si mette in un'ottica pi? "relativista" per me pu? fare bene eccome, secondo me la velocit? non gli mancher? nemmeno nel rally, il problema saranno sempre gli alberi...

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Tra qualche giorno la prima gara tanto attesa :assonnato:


Pronostico mio, Loeb, Sordo, Ogier, Licenziato ritirato.


spero nei primi 10, vincitore Latvala XD


ne conosco pochi, dovrò imparare. :hihi:

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lui stesso non ha alcuna intenzione di dire che si metter? subito fra i primi, ? la crtica che sempre vorrebbe la vittoria immediata o immediatamente si prepara a bollare con nuove etichette chi gi? non piaceva per vari motici.

in intervista Kimi ribadisce il fatto che per ora pensa a questo, che non ? un gioco ma prende molto sul serio quello che fa e che ci tiene a fare bene e che da imparare ha molto e che se tutto va bene potrebbe avere un podio nelle ultime gare ma nulla si aspetta per ora e non fa pronostici.

l'impegno c'? e anche la voglia e la seriet? dal moemnto che ? un pilota serio e che ama le corse a tuttotondo e in tutti gli aspetti per cui sono sicura del suo impegno e del fatto che migliorer?.

qaunto al ritosno in f1, se le condizioni saranno buone e non ci saranno problemi finanziari dato che un p? di cose vanno a rotoli di gi?, penso che non ci saranno problemi per redbull a prendere Kimi.

dal canto suo Kimi non disdegna n? il rallyn? il ritorno in f1, si "limita" a fare bene e con impegno e seriet? quello che fa al momento. fosse stato svogliato e finito, avrebbe smesso e non si sarebbe imbarcato in quella che per lui ? una sfida tutta nuova.

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pi? o meno...in tanti in italia non considerano il rally ma se in f1 non ci fosse la ferrari...sarebbe cos? seguita?

b?, noi dobbiamoe ssere fieri di amare le corse con passione!


intanto per parlare di wrc e protagonisti, ecco l'intervosta di super Loeb :)







Loeb: 'I don't think I'm Rally Sweden favourite'

Defending World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb has played down his chances of winning this week's Rally Sweden, believing instead that stage conditions will play into the hands of his Finnish rivals.


Loeb made the claim as his Citroen team unveiled its bid to win other two WRC titles this year. Loeb and Daniel Elena will be gunning for a seventh consecutive title, while Dani Sordo and Marc Marti will be the key men in Citroen's bid for a sixth Manufacturers' crown.


After rounding off the 2009 series with wins on the final two rounds, Loeb is hoping to carry his winning form onto the snow of Sweden - a surface he has conquered in the past. He scored his first victory on a surface other than asphalt in Sweden in 2004 and won the WRC's most recent winter fixture in Norway in 2010.


Loeb's last outing in Sweden in 2008 didn't go so well, however, with the Frenchman registering his only retirement from the season after going off the road and damaging his car's engine.


?I like starting the season with this rally but it looks like the conditions are going to be very difficult," explained Loeb. "You just have to stay on the road, which isn?t all that easy when I think back to the 2008 rally. My only aim is to rack up another world title, but the way last season panned out shows that you can?t count your chickens before they?re hatched!?


[Read more about Loeb's stage predictions].


Sordo?s competition season began at the end of January, when he tackled the Arctic Lapland Rally - winning each of the 12 stages. ?It was a great way of boosting my confidence on this surface," he said. "Even though I didn?t really have any rivals there?s nothing like competition to get you back into the right rhythm and feel the reflexes coming back! Unlike a test session where we use the same route so we know it by heart, each special was a new challenge for me and I had to analyse the behaviour of the C4 WRC. The route was very similar to that of Rally Sweden so I feel absolutely ready.?


As in previous seasons Sordo remains Citroen's number two driver, with the objective of collecting points towards the manufacturers? title. But while the Spaniard is well aware of his priorities this season, he's still hoping to take his first win at World Championship level. ?You have to be quick, consistent and score the maximum number of points in each rally. That?ll still be the case in 2010 but I want to push even harder," he explained. "I?m really determined to win my first WRC rally this year. I know I can do it, and whether it comes in one of the asphalt rounds or the gravel events that I like very much such as Mexico, New Zealand or Portugal, doesn?t make any difference.?


Citroen Racing Team Principal Olivier Quesnel said: ?You don?t change a winning team so we?re tackling 2010 with the same crew as the previous seasons. The final year of the World Rally Cars looks like being a great one for the World Championship - and for Citroen - which has a real dream team. The drivers of the five C4 WRCs entered this season have all been word champions in motor racing: namely, Sebastien Loeb, Dani Sordo, Sebastien Ogier, Kimi Raikkonen, and Petter Solberg with his own team. It's difficult to do much better!?





e quella del mio pilota di rally preferito :)








'It would be fantastic to be challenging for the win,' says Gronholm

Former World Rally Champion Marcus Gronholm has set himself the target of a podium finish in this week's Rally Sweden, when he returns to drive a Ford Focus in the World Championship for the first time since 2007.


One of the Stobart M-Sport Ford team's two points nominated drivers in Sweden, the Finn, 41, will drive a Focus RS WRC accompanied by his co-driver since 1995, Timo Rautiainen.


Gronholm, crowned drivers' champion in 2000 and 2002, retired from full time competition at the end of 2007, but returned to make a guest appearance in last year's Rally Portugal in a Subaru Impreza WRC. This week, the long time fan (and five time winner) of Rally Sweden has been tempted out of retirement once again to drive the car he took his last two Swedish victories with in 2006 and 2007.


?I?m really happy to be driving the Ford Focus again; it still feels really good to drive," said Gronholm. "All the stages on this rally will be quite difficult but I hear that there has been a lot of snow so there should be some big snow banks which will make the conditions good. Realistically my aim is for a podium, yes it would be fantastic to be challenging for the win but that is going to be difficult after having such a long break from the WRC; I will just need to wait and see how my speed is.?


Stobart regular Henning Solberg is the team's second points nominated driver, and will make his competitive debut alongside new co-driver Ilka Minor. ?I?m excited about this rally in Sweden," said Solberg. "Snow is my favourite surface and we set some good times last year in Norway. But with Rally Norway not in the WRC this year, Sweden will feel like my home event so I want to put on a good show for the Norwegian fans that will come to watch and for my sponsors Expert. It?s great to be back in the Ford Focus and hopefully with my new co-driver Ilka, we will be able to get a good start to the season.?


In the team's third Ford Focus is Matthew Wilson. The Briton is aiming for podium finishes this year, which is his fifth with the Stobart team. ?The recce will be very important as we weren?t in Sweden last year and some stages are from 2007; but the conditions should be great," he said. "We are starting the championship on one of the quickest rallies of the year so the challenge will be to get up to speed straight away on the first day. We?ve experienced some arctic conditions in the UK over the last few months but to drive flat out on snow stages with studs is an amazing experience and totally different to any other event in the WRC calendar.?


Completing a four car team for Stobart in Sweden is Finn Mattias Therman. The privateer driver was last in action on Rally Finland 2009, where he finished 15th. "My last event in the Ford Focus RS WRC was a fantastic experience and if Sweden is half the amount of fun I had in Finland then I will be happy," he said. "I?m not expecting to be fast; I really want to complete the rally. If I?m in the top-15 at the finish I will be pleased.?

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Kimi terzo dietro a Gronholm e Petter (Solberg)







arrivano latvala, sordo, loeb e penso ora anche hirvonen




questi i tempi di Kimi intorno alle 13.30 allo stage 21 ;)

e dire che il televideo ha liquidato il tutto con un "flop"

eh gi?, che espertoni....

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