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I’ve been growing my hair for a minute now. I used to wash my hair with bath soap and genuinely anything I had at the time. Would wash it 3 times a day, morning, after training and at night. so it was always dry. If in hotels, would use their bad products but never shampooed and conditioned. My hair started to deteriorate and thin out. I went to see a specialist who told me that If didn’t start looking after it properly I would start losing it in short amount of time. Now, with the right advice I use good products, it’s a priority to keep my hair healthy and Finally I love having long crazy hair. I don’t even want to cut it. Being educated about it was really something that I’d been missing my whole life so parents, be sure to help your kids know how to take care of their hair. A lot of the products out there are actually terrible so do some research as to which ones are best. #healthyhair #afro

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